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Agreement Levels


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Agreement Levels

At Modernize Your Site, we realize that every client has unique requirements and ideas when it comes to the new look and feel of their Web site. You may currently have a free do-it-yourself Web site but you're ready to expand to something more complex. Or you're ready to expand your site into an online store. Simply select the new level you would like to achieve on your existing site and we will provide a professional bid. Please contact us if you have any questions about our Agreement Levels.

Level 1

Your existing written content and images are usable, but the look and feel of your site needs updating.

Level 2

Your current site needs a fresh new look and the content could use updating, as well. You may want to include layout space for advertising.

Level 3

Your existing site doesn’t support eCommerce (shopping cart) transactions. You would like to retain the current look and feel, but incorporate this feature.

Level 4

You want a brand new business Web site designed and maintained by Modernize Your Site which includes eCommerce abilities.